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because they are not just pets they are family.

Ipsita Ray

A very famous quote says that : Until one has loved an animal a part of one's soul remains unawakened. This is a feeling which every pet lover will understand. Pets are the only companion who love you selflessly, even more than you love yourself. Although pets are the most amazing friends one can choose for oneself, there is a big challenge when it comes to keeping them in societies.


For most of us these four legged creatures are our children, so we tend to take care of them and make our decision around them. We at Myshopdeal completely understand this and have had similar discussion with clients who have concerns of keeping pets while moving to new apartments.

Mostly people stay in apartments, societies and colonies where the concentration of houses and people are in large number. The facilities provided by the societies are limited and when it comes to pet it narrows down further. It is not very easy to find pet friendly apartment specially in India. This is because most of the neighbours might feel disturbed at the noise or the hygiene condition.

Mrs Sharma belonging to Delhi NCR had to take a difficult decision to moving into a 3 bhk apartment just so that her pets will have ample space to move around since she found that space restriction was causing her pets too be hyper.


Another landlord from Gurgaon says he wants to keep her home vacant instead of renting out to a pet owner since the home smells of fur and fears that her furnitures will be damaged. She finds it a health hazard for her kids who can move in any time.

It is advisable to be careful before choosing a neighbourhood  where either your pet or your neighbour do not get disturbed.

A few points which are essential to keep in mind before moving in with your pets are:

Discuss the fact that you own a pet with the association:

Discuss or inquire about the rules regarding keeping or having a pet in your apartment before signing a sale agreement,. If you are planning to rent or lease an apartment, get the permission of your landlord or association in writing before you bring your pet or plan to have a pet in your apartment. Some apartments do not allow pets altogether while certain others restrict some of the types of pets you are allowed to keep. For example, fierce or aggressive breeds like Great Dane, Boxer, Bulldogs might make people uncomfortable.


Taking good care of pets

Vaccinate your pets in time. Taking good care of them makes them feel comfortable and avoids many trouble and inconvenience. Treat your pets with love as if they are a member of your family. A happy pet always helps in making the home peaceful instead of creating a nuisance.


Don’t take your pet to common areas where dogs are restricted:

If there are “No dogs allowed” sign then be careful to avoid those areas and cause inconvenience to neighbours and other members of the society. You can walk your dog in the areas which are allowed for dogs or outside the society. This will give you freedom to enjoy your pets and spend time with them.


Train your pets to avoid inconvenience

Give your pets proper training to avoid any mess ups in other person’s property. They should be trained to litter in the place assigned to them. It might take a while to train but your patience will pay off if you like to peacefully accommodate in a society of your choice.


Take good care of your pet’s health

Always choose a good vet and take it for regular checkups to ensure they are healthy and happy.Train your pets not to be violent and damage things. Sometimes an ugly incident like your pet biting someone out of agitation can cause a major problem as well as land you into legal cases.


Pet friendly homes are a reality now

Pet owners who are searching for homes have been enquiring about pet friendly projects. You will be surprised to know that many theme-based homes have made an entry into the Indian market and they have taken into consideration pet friendly projects seriously. Some of them are:

1. Godrej nature plus

2. Central Park Resorts

3. Central Park Flower Valley

Myshopdeal is an official channel partner of Godrej and Central park.

Although the concept is new and owing to the mass of people who are facing a problem and looking for solutions, a handful of developers are up for it. Let's have a look at what these pet owners or rather pet parents would like to see in the apartments:

1.Dedicated artificial grass parks or a

2.Bigger backyard space in villas or row houses to be used by pets.

3.Common areas where pets could socialise.

4.Parks where dogs can be allowed to walk many times a day.

5.Pet creche where you can leave the pets while going out for vacation or for a few days.


There are many couples with hi flung jobs and no kids, so they take up homes just for the convenience of their pets but for others, balancing pets, children, workplace and schools becomes a little difficult and they have to settle for what is of utmost priority.It's sad but sometimes the landlords ask for higher security deposit when it comes to renting out apartment or homes to pet owners. Although it might not sound like a good idea Mrs Kapoor, owner of a 3BHK fully furnished house says that when she was out of the country and had to rent her apartment to tenants who owned pets. When she got back, the sofas had suffered extreme tear, the wash rooms was in bad shape and the walls had scratches. The security deposit was not enough to take care of the repairs.

It is just the perspective with what you want to see. It seems fair from both the tenants and the landlord.


As we see increase in the theme based projects and many builders trying to take in the advise of clients and seriously working around it we will see a rise in the number of facilities provided for the pet owners. Happy time ahead! For more such projects which provide provide theme based project call or connect with Myshopdeal.