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Myshopdeal friendship forever and trust beyond boundaries.

Ipsita Ray

A team of enthusiasts always ready to help in finding the home of your dream with high focus on customer satisfaction, comfort, ethics and expectation. This is a short description of our team Myshopdeal, headed by our director Mr Ankit Malik. Mr Ankit has the passion to exceed expectation and work tirelessly as well as keep inspiring the team to keep performing better. We have a vision to make consumer experience one of the best  in the industry. We have been very fortunate that our clients base has increased many folds in the past few months and this is just by keeping our customer satisfaction at the top of the list.


Let us have a look at what we stand for:


Customer Centricity

It is not only about sale, it is about what goes on before, after and during the whole process. We believe a happy customer brings in more happy customer. We do all the hand holding that goes on starting from the decision about what type of house to shortlist, loans and approvals, after sale service like settling into the new house, decor,smart security set up is provided and feedback is taken of the experience. We have a dedicated team working for customer experience.


Genuine and Authentic


Our websites, social media pages, blogs contain authentic details which are directly provided and communicated by the builders themselves.

We know in our heart that there’s something kind of special about just showing up exactly as you are, with no bells and whistles. Therefore it is our goal to show up authentically to every client interaction. After sales has been completed sometimes our clients turn up with their entire family to share their happy experience, and believe us it feels very humbling and heart warming to hear from them.


Association with only the best:


We associate ourselves with only A class builders and developers, particularly in mid to  luxury segment and we take pride in providing continuous engagement with customers. We do not want any of our clients to be hassled or troubled by anything, so we choose only the best for them.


Integrating modern technology Into the system

With modern technology and management we resolve consumer queries as soon as possible. We are the first real estate firm to introduce 24/7 query resolution system  using the ticket system. We solve the tickets with high priority within hours. We also respond to our mails within 24 hours. Our maximum resolution time has been 24 -  48 hours. We do not approve any delays in communication.


Transparency values and ethics

At the core of our business is traditional values, ethics and high moral standards. This we keep very close to our heart. We want to redefine new standards and set benchmark for honesty, transparency and moral values in this industry.


Clarity of thoughts, visibility and standards

Our  maximum client has been through reference. We are open and transparent and are comfortable with the idea if any new clients want to interact with our existing  clients to share their experience and take feedbacks. We aim for transparency, visibility and are a zero error company.We do not believe in short term profit our vision is to be associated with only the A class builders like M3M, Godrej, Emaar, Adani, Satya, Trump etc and provide the best products to our clients as well as maintain a long term relationship.

Once you contact us you will surely know that we deal with none other that A category builders. This is because we know the pain associated with the B category builders and we do not want our clients to be inconvenienced in any ways. Due to this all our clients are extremely happy had never had to face any unpleasant situations as to delay in delivery or any unfulfilled promises. Till now we have zero error from builders as well as from clients, meaning all the projects have been delivered on time and the clients have paid their instalments on time.


Globally connected


We have the best leads in the market. Our clients come not only from India but all over the globe. Our happy clients are mostly based from USA, Dubai and Singapore. Our maximum transactions have been through NRI and HNI clients. They are big business men and conglomerates and we are humbled when they have put their trust in us and we in turn have delivered their exact requirement. In this era of connectivity, our clients can connect with us at any time across time zones and we will be absolutely delighted to answer their queries and concerns.


We Take Care Of minute details


Our clients have contacted us through existing referrals, social media, queries tickets and most importantly after reading our genuine blog materials on our webpage. Our elaborately researched blogs help in sorting out a lot of queries of our clients and have also helped us generate leads. Our blogs have all the technical details required for better understanding of any product or builder. Our social media sites display all the genuine offers which are available for our valued customers. We do not want them to miss out on any good opportunity which is available in the real estate market like offers, discounts, gifts, etc.


Our Tag Line :U Demand V Deliver

Our tag line has been used after a lot of research and thought. We have seen how the industry works and customers are not contacted after the sales is complete. We have bought in a new thought process. We are there with our clients even after the sales have been completed and things have settled. We go out of our way to solve any issues however minor or major and treat them with respect like friends. Their concern is our concern. That is why we can proudly say they have been with us for years.We have brought a model of friendship into the real estate industry.



Our director Mr Ankit has won The Young Entrepreneur of the year Award in Ye Forum. This is due to the fresh ideas he has brought into the industry. An idea of trust, transparency, friendship and putting customer first.


Going Forward

In the coming 1 year we see ourselves moving forward with the ever growing industry. We have many tie ups with different brands for digital marketing, web designing, graphics and digital printing, musical instruments and home automations and security. We want to provide wholesome experience to our clients who do not have to go anywhere for their requirements.


Social Responsibility

Myshopdeal does not only believe in  earning but offering it back to the society. We are proudly associated with a NGO- Girls are precious which is working hard towards upliftment, education and health of girls and women. We are donating and running campaigns to spread awareness and make a better world for the destitutes and deprived and make a conscious effort toward helping the society.


We have the passion, dedication and determination to make a comfortable environment for all those who want to safely invest their time and money and acquire a home of their dreams. We promise to be their at every stage while you are making your most important decision.