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Bypass road connecting SPR and delhi gurugram expressway will be operational soon.

Tabassum Mirza
Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) has nearly completed the construction of a four lane Road (approx. 08 kms) connecting Southern Peripheral Road (SPR) with NH8 on the eastern side of Delhi Gurugram Expressway. The Road is supposed to bypass the much busy Kheri Daula Toll Plaza near Sector 84, Gurugram. The Road will be fully operational within a month. Once the road is functional, the commuters can commute from Golf Course Road and Faridabad and directly reach Manesar without crossing the Toll Plaza. The new road will start from Sector 75 – 75 A and will meet the NH8 near Sector 83 via the road dividing sectors 77-78, and passing through master roads of sectors 76 and 77.
This road plan has been a great relief for the locals as they can now cover this distance without getting stuck in the heavy jams of Toll Plaza at Kherki Duala. Earlier people had to wait in the long queues of Kherki Daula Toll Plaza to pass killing their valuable time. The road will also be helpful for residents of Sector 80-90 also as they can now reach Golf Course Road or even Faridabad without going through Toll Plaza.
Shweta Sharma, the executive engineer, Huda, said, Apart for the 400-metre stretch between Sector 76 to 77, the road is complete. The only reason why work on the 400 metres is yet to be done is because sewage work was going on in the area. In the next one month, the road will be fully operational. The Project is costing HUDA an amount of 33.69 crores and is bound to be completed before the end of July.
With the commission of new road, the real estate market is getting a new heat wave. Developers with projects in new sectors are excited, as the road will improve connectivity and reduce travel time.
“The alternative road, bypassing Kherki toll, will allow commuters from Golf Course Road, Faridabad and parts of Gurgaon to reach Manesar without having to cross the toll, enhancing connectivity and reducing travel time,” said Harinder Dhillon, VP (Sales), DLF. The road will prove to be a lifeline for Gurgram and will cut short the hectic traffic-jam-stuck time along with valuable access to Gurugram and NH – 8.
On the Contarry, Millennium City Expressway Private Limited (MCEPL), the company managing Kheri – Daula Toll Plaza has raised an objection on this project. As per their books, a new bypass will cost them a whooping loss of 17 Lakhs per day as most commuters will avoid the plaza to reach NH-8 more swiftly. As the road is merging with NH-8 at a mere 300 meters away from the plaza, MCEPL is quite unhappy about their losses.
The CEO, Mr. S Raghuraman said, We are expecting nearly 35% loss to us as commuters wont cross the toll plaza. The revenue loss would come to nearly 17 lakh every single day.
However the construction of the road cannot be stopped as it is being constructed in some other area and by some other agency, MCEPL has however written to National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) regarding their current situation and are expecting a reply, as stated by MR. S. Raghuraman.
The work started in January this year. The Road is all set to connect SPR to Sikhohpur Nagar (2.5 Km) and Sikhopur Nagar to NH – 8. Major Real Estate Groups such as ELAN, DLF, Mapsko etc has given their positive nod to the projects as they are all ready to now play in the new battlefield nearby this bypass.
Whatever be the point of view, the bypass connecting SPR and NH-8 will be huge relief to the people here in Gurgaon. The commuters will experience a hassle free route and the exhausting traffic jams will soon be eradicated within a span of one month. A great initiative by HUDA.